Terrorists in London Attacked Muslim Worshipers

Terrorists in London Attacked Muslim Worshipers

London, Lombok.Press – Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in London, UK, called that the car incident crashed into the worshipers after Terawih’s pray as a terrorist attack. White van accidentally hit a crowd of worshipers who just came out of the mosque, after performing the Terawih prayer.

“Whoever does this, he [the perpetrators] did it to harm people and this is a terrorist attack,” Mohammed Kozbar, who is the imam of the Finsbury Park Mosque, told The Sun newspaper on Monday (19/6/2017). ).

“We call it a terrorist attack, just as we call it so for Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge,” he added, referring to the various terror attacks that hit Britain in recent times.

A white van driven by one actor, crashed into a crowd outside the Finsbury Park mosque, on Monday (19/6) early morning. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) called the car deliberately crashed into worshipers who had just performed Tarawih prayers.

After crashing into the people, the culprit in the car came out and stabbed one of the men nearby. The so-called white man with black hair is secured by local residents in unison, before being arrested by the police.

“The van crashed into people who had just prayed for the evening prayers, and they gathered on Seven Sisters Road (the location of the Finsbury Park Mosque) I heard there were dead, but I did not want to conclude too soon My concern now is the affected victims, “Kozbar said. British authorities have not officially released the number of casualties in this incident.

The Ramadan Foundation, a Muslim organization that often speaks against extremism, strongly condemns this incident. “I condemn the wicked and inhumane van attack on a Muslim congregation outside the Finsbury Mosque in London,” said Mohammed Shafiq of the foundation.

“The British Muslim community calls on all good people to stand with us against this evil,” added Shafiq.

The British prime minister, Theresa May, in his statement called the incident a “bad incident”.

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