Successful North Korea Missile Test, Trump Rampage on Twitter

Successful North Korea Missile Test, Trump Rampage on Twitter

Lombok ( – US President Donald Trump rampaged on Twitter after North Korea resumed its latest missile test on Tuesday (4/7), coinciding with US Independence Day celebrations.

“North Korea just fired a missile. Does this guy have nothing else to do in his life? “Trump cuit, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

He also wrote that neighboring North Koreans did not make enough efforts to keep Pyongyang from continuing his ambitions.

In the next Trump also urged China to act more firmly against North Korea.

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“It’s hard to believe that South Korea and Japan are still patient with this. Maybe China can take a crackdown on North Korea to end this nonsense as soon as possible! ”

Responding to Trump’s rampage in the social media, China defends itself.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said China continues to consistently contribute to pressing North Korea over its ambitions.

“China continues to make dialogue efforts to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula. China’s contribution to this issue is well known and the role of China is very important, “said Geng, quoted by AFP on Tuesday (4/7).

He also mentioned that China continues to follow the development of nuclear and missile tests conducted by North Korea. The gang added Beijing also criticized Pyongyang for firing Hwasong-14 missiles at 2802 kilometers and reaching 933 kilometers before falling in Japanese waters.

“China opposes North Korea violating UN Security Council resolutions launch,” Geng said.

In addition, China also hopes all parties involved can refrain and not take action that can increase tension in the region.

“We hope all parties can make peace efforts and solve problems through dialogue and consultation,” said Geng, adding.

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