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Skin Food

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A great source of skin-friendly vitamin E, along with minerals and fiber, almonds are one of our favorite strategies to keep skin healthy and nourished. They also happen to be incredibly delicious, not to mention satisfying. These recipes—Hasselback sweet potatoes with almonds, a matcha almond coconut smoothie bowl, and reishi chocolate almond bark—combine the addictively snackable, super-good-for-you nonpareil supreme almonds (we use Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds) with even more skin-supporting ingredients for maximum glow.

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  • Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Almonds

    Hasselback Sweet Potatoes with Almonds

    This sweet potato update on the classic Hasselback potato recipe has delightfully sweet and savory flavors. Maple, garlic, thyme, black pepper, and toasted almonds combine to make a dish that’s supremely, addictively satisfying.


  • Matcha Almond Coconut Smoothie Bowl

    Matcha Almond Coconut Smoothie Bowl

    Move over acai—the matcha bowl is here. This breakfast bowl has everything you need to start the day: energizing matcha, protein- and vitamin-E-rich almonds, plus creamy coconut and banana. Finish with plenty of fresh berries and crunchy nuts and cacao nibs and you’re off to an incredible start.


  • Reishi Chocolate Almonds

    Reishi Chocolate Almonds

    These delicious little morsels—which are stupid-easy to whip up—make the perfect afternoon snack or a post-dinner treat.


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